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This is one of the most remote and least developed safari destinations in Africa.  Usually recommended for guests that have done a traditional safari and now want to explore deeper into the bush.  Zambia is where walking safaris were pioneered by Norman Carr in South Luangwa National park.   Walking is one of the best ways to learn about and understand the natural world.  One our Zambian 5 day walking safaris we walk from camp to camp about 5 miles each day with local guides that make the ecosystem come alive before our eyes.   Our camps are strategically located.  Starting along the Luangwa river we witness the largest concentration of hippos and crocs in the world.  As we move inland we start to track lion and elephant on foot and learn  more about the bush.  Many of our camps feature a water hole with a blind where we can observe nature in all its glory.  Don't worry, walking is a safe activity and our guide rangers use the utmost caution and respect while in the bush.  Our walking safaris combine nicely with the fantastic water camps along the Zambezi River in Lower Zambezi National Park where guests can participate on game drives and canoe safaris to see both land and aquatic species.  Wildlife in this area is so abundant that you don't even need to leave your camp as many animals come directly in front of the dining area to graze and feed.Zambia combines well with Victoria Falls, South Africa, and Malawi.

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