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​​There is only one place on the planet like the enchanted Galapagos Islands where the animals have absolutely no fear of humans and can be approached up close and personal.  Come swim with sea lion pups, penguins, and sea turtles.  Walk on ancient lava flows and learn about the unique flora and fauna from our world class naturalist guides.  You will witness unique species such as the giant tortoise, marine iguanas, fur seals and more.  The scenery is spectacular and the beaches superb.

Our luxury yacht allows us to travel the islands in grand style and great comfort.  The yacht features advanced stabilizers for smooth cruising and has a capacity of 16 guests total.  Each deluxe cabin features en suite bathrooms and large picture windows.  Our partner and good friend, Bill Roberson, is one of the pioneers of tourism in the islands and a leader in nature conservation.  Bill offers us  the greenest yacht in the Galapagos and we are proud to work with his company, INCA.​​

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