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Perry first traveled to Botswana in 1989 with the founders of Wilderness Safaris back in the days when we pulled a trailer behind the 4x4 and slept on the ground on pads.  Rough and tumble days they were but times have changed and now Wilderness Safaris boasts what many consider the finest lodge network in Africa.  In addition there conservation and community ethics have only grown stronger and we are proud to be one of their exclusive agents.  I highly recommend Botswana for guests that want the ultimate wildlife viewing. This stable country has an incredible diversity of animals and affords the visitor the ability to view unique species found no where else in Africa.  Botswana boasts the largest concentration of elephants in Africa and the largest inland fresh water delta in the world, the Okavango. Therefore, guests can witness predatory cats hunting in the grasslands and then move to a unique water based safari where we travel by indigenous dug out canoes called "makoros".  Don't worry, you won't be roughing it because our camps and lodges in Botswana are some of the finest in all of Africa. You also have the option to visit Victoria Falls where guests can take part in adventurous activities like rafting the Zambezi river or bungee jumping.  I have recently discovered some great of the beaten path destinations in Botswana that have fantastic wildlife and very reasonable prices as well.  Botswana combines beautifully with South Africa and many of our guess choose to add a visit to Cape Town and the wine country to round out there safari experience.  In summary, you can't go wrong in Botswana!

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