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Perry first traveled to Tanzania in 1987 where he explored the northern circuit and camped in some amazing locations including deep in the heart of the Ngoro Ngoro Crater on a self guided safari.  Jale joined him in 1997 on a great walking safari which took us from the rim of the crater to the great plains of the Serengeti.  Most recently, Perry and Clavey (16) volunteered for 3 weeks at the Tanzanian Children's Village in July 2015.  Tanzania never fails to enchant and while you can't camp in the crater any more Tanzania boasts some of the most gorgeous and varied landscapes of any safari destination in Africa and matches the scenery with spectacular wildlife viewing as well.  This is a great " first and only" safari destination if you have never been.  Our trips in Tanzania feature Mt. Kilimanjaro (the roof of Africa), Ngoro Ngoro Crater (a garden of eden inside a volcanic caldera), Olduvai Gorge (where the Leakey's did their research) and the superb Serengeti eco-system where we witness the great migration play out.  We provide options to walk with Masai, experience night drives, and relax in Zanzibar at the end of your journey where you can dive and snorkel in the Indian Ocean while lodging at a luxury beachfront resort. 

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