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Turkish Culinary Tour

Explore ​Istanbul, Aegean Coast and Cappadocia
​Culinary walks in Istanbul, cooking demos, farmers market visits, farm visits, farm to table lunch, special meals with chefs....Kadikoy visit and special menu prepared for us by our favorite chef Musa Dagdeviren of Ciya Restaurant....​Cooking with villagers, learning to make local delicacies...​
(Pomegranate molasses, pepper paste, eggplant dolma, bread, pickles, brining olives, etc...)...​Visit specialty shops, olive presses, wineries, bakeries...​
Explore Turkish cuisine, learning the special ingredients, cooking with home chefs...​Visit Ephesus ancient site, bike the Urla Wine Trail, explore the Old Quarter of the towns, hike through farms, Turkish wine tasting in Cappadocia...​Boutique hotel accommodations..

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